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The California High School Speech Association

Congratulations to our 2017 CHSSA Hall of Fame Inductee

Mikendra McCoy has officially joined the ranks of the CHSSA Hall of Fame. Over the many years of her career Mikendra has seen success at the state and national level, served as league president of the Southern Valley Forensic League, and currently sits on the CHSSA board as the Commissioner of Public Relations. To Mikendra nothing is as important as the impact that coaching has on students, and the joy of seeing students using the skills from speech and debate in their lives. A well-deserved congratulations to Mikendra McCoy!

CHSSA September Meeting

September 8-9 in Los Angeles (LAX)

Site: TBD

Meeting Times:

9:00 am – Curriculum and PR

11:00 am – IE and Debate

1:00 pm – Ad hoc Constitution

2:00 pm – Congress

3:00 pm – Executive Council

Congratulations to the newly elected California High School Speech Association executive members:

President: Reed Niemi, Area II

Vice President of Activities: Angelique Ronald, Area II

Vice President of Curriculum: Minnia Curtis, Area IV

Area I Chair: Chris Harris, Saratoga H.S.

Area II Chair: Mikendra McCoy, Mountain House H.S.

Area III Chair: Kathy Graber, Monroe H.S.

CHSSA 2016-2017 By-Laws

Click Here to Download the New By-Laws

May Council Meeting Minutes (DRAFT)

Click Here to Download the Meeting Minutes

September 2017 By-Law Proposals

Pursuant to the by-laws, all by-law alterations must receive a majority vote from the CHSSA council in order to go into effect. In order to increase transparency, and to include more of our coaches in the discussion process, by-laws will now be posted before each meeting. It is our hope that you will discuss these changes with your leagues, and offer advice to your CHSSA council representatives on how they should vote.

Click Here to Read the Proposed By-Law Changes to be Voted on in September 2017