The 61st Annual CHSSA State Championship

Will Be Held At

Mountain House High School

April 20-22, 2018

Area Chair – Area III Candidates

Click Below for information on the two candidates running for area chair for Area III: Teja Vepa and Kathy Graber

Kathy Graber – Click Here

Teja Vepa – Click Here

Area Chair – Area IV Candidates

Click Below for information on the two candidates running for area chair for Area IV: Sarah Sherwood and Minnia Curtis

Minnia Curtis – Click Here

Sarah Sherwood – Click Here


Every year the CHSSA Council votes to fill our leadership positions. CHSSA President, VP of Activities, VP of Curriculum are all required to submit their desire to run for election. Any member of the council is eligible to run for President, VP of Activities, and VP of Curriculum. For information on the responsibilities of these leadership positions click below:

Leadership Responsibilities (Click Here)

If you are interested in running for a position please not the following deadlines to submit your desire to run to the election official.

CHSSA Exec Positions – March 30th

Click Here to contact the election official to declare your candidacy.

Get help on your coversheets

Thank you to Sharon James of the WBFL for this helpful cover sheet guide.

Download 2017-2018 CHSSA By-Laws

2017-18 Rule Changes

January Meeting Minutes (Draft)

Chuck Ballingall Policy Debate Scholarship Application

Chuck Ballingall served as the Policy Debate guru of the California High School Speech Association for many years. During that time he coached countless students to incredible success. After passing away in 2017 the California High School Speech Association created the Chuck Ballingall scholarship fund in order to provide opportunities for students to become involved in Chuck’s favorite debate style, policy debate.

The goal of the fund is to provide opportunities for new schools to become involved in policy debate, and to guarantee that socioeconomic conditions do not prevent individuals from being able to compete at the highest level. Preference will be given to new policy schools, and socioeconomically disadvantaged schools. In the form below please provide information about why your school would benefit from the Chuck Ballingall fund award.

May Meeting Minutes (Draft)


Download 2017-2018 CHSSA Dues Forms


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