Karson Kalashian

Karson Kalashian

Hall of Fame Nominee

SVFL Hall of Fame Nominee - Karson Kalashian

Karson Kalashian is an example to all of us of what a coach, educator, and friend ought to be. While one could outline all of Karson’s coaching successes (of which there are many), what truly defines Karson is that he believes that forensics matters and should be accessible to every student in California, regardless of their circumstances.

Throughout his career, Karson has worked tirelessly to build large, incredibly inclusive programs at schools with high migrant, high poverty populations. Literally thousands of young, diverse people from the Central Valley have had the chance to go to the world’s best colleges directly because of the guidance, mentorship, and opportunities that Karson worked to provide. For a decade, Karson has advocated on the CHSSA Council for equality in opportunity for all students across our state. Always there to volunteer to put in the work necessary to make opportunity a reality, Karson has been a defining voice and advocate through his service to all in our community.

Forensics helped Karson find his voice to advocate for California’s kids, so it’s only appropriate that our community honor him. The SVFL is proud to nominate our friend and President for the CHSSA Hall of Fame.