Speaking Across the Curriculum

Speaking Across the Curriculum gives teachers ready-made speaking and listening activities that can be infused into any curriculum.  Over 50 activities help educators encourage debate and discussion and teach students speaking and listening skills. These activities help students build active listening skills, become skilled at persuasion, speak spontaneously and learn to analyze and evaluate arguments and sources both online and in print.  All of these activities are Standards-based, ready to merge into lessons that respond to the Common Core.

Thanks to our special agreement with publishers we are happy to offer this book to all CHSSA members for the cheap price of just $28 on Amazon.

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UC Course Approval Guide

Use this resource to help you attain UC course approval for your speech and debate/forensics class. This will help you to meet the “F” and “G” requirements. We cannot guarantee success, but this is a set of tools to help you on your path.

Common Core Advocacy Lesson

The CHSSA Curriculum Committee is dedicated to providing high school English and Speech/Debate teachers with lessons that meet the requirements of the Common Core and CA State ELA Standards.The Common Core anchor standards and high school grade-specific standards work in tandem to define college and career readiness expectations.  The Common Core seeks to frame important skills in a continuum that builds between 6th grade and 12th grade.  The following lesson is the first in a series of lessons designed to integrate skills acquired through Speech and Debate in English classrooms.

Advocacy Common Core Lesson

Students in this lesson will be drafting a four paragraph advocacy for governmental change on a food related issue of their choice.  They must explain the problem facing society, why we should be concerned with it, the legislation they propose as a solution and how their proposed legislation solves the problem.  All of the necessary handouts and instructions are linked below.